You stay in control

You Stay in Control

The Medrona team will be assigned to your account and/ or transferred, only with your concurrence; hence you stay in control. They focus on your business, your customers and your bottom line.
They work

  • On your billing system;
  • Within your schedule; (Medrona supports 24 hour processing with time zone specific work schedules)
  • Using your processes;
  • On tasks you choose;
  • Managed by your leadership!

More importantly, the cost savings Medrona brings to your bottom line is the skill and team collaboration backed by strong internal audits and quality controls we bring to the goal of Gold Standard performance for your organization. Medrona enables to create blended teams incorporating our experienced staff with your team members for top competitive quality. This helps you to leverage the experience and loyalty of your existing team while adding value for increased customer satisfaction and increasing collected revenue- all at lower overall cost.