Why Medrona

Why us?

Our core values of integrity, transparency and commitment to work with our clients in fulfilling their strategy is reflected in our company’s vision and mission statements.

Medrona believes in being

  • Dependable – Our skilled and trustworthy teams ensure process continuity and maintain high standards of quality notwithstanding the nuances and complexity of your processes. 
  • Open – You are assured of transparency and openness in our staffing, workflows and communication protocol. 
  • Connected – There is never a time when some one will not be in touch with you!  Your dedicated account manager or staff supervisor will always keep you apprised and take your suggestions on how to maximize your revenues!

What does“Best Strategic Partner” mean for you?

  • Your billing management stays in control.
  • Medrona personnel are certified coders and multi platform billers.
  • Our staff members are assigned to your team to work roles that you choose.
  • Our Service Level Agreement provides detailed performance metrics based on which monthly services, cost and benefit may be monitored.
  • Medrona supports 24-hour processing with time zone-specific work schedules.
  • Internal compliance and quality assurance department and processes to deliver quality.
  • Weekly and monthly targets provide senior financial management with performance-based results, maximizing revenue collected per cost expended.
  • Your existing billing department personnel can perform higher value tasks to improve volume and customer satisfaction.

What is the positive impact on your financial goals?

  • Increased Revenues: We commit to collect 90% first pass payment within 30 days
  • Reduced Costs:
    • For FTE based pricing, we offer very competitive rates; your cost per person is less than 40% of an in-department / office based FTE.
    • For physicians/ practices, we extend end-to-end RCM services at a 3%** of revenues collected.

**conditions apply