About us

For Medical Billing Companies/ Hospitals

  • Reduce costs by 40%, increase in revenue by 15%, increase in cash flow by tackling denials within 5 days.
  • Staff extension services that ensure that our processing teams are an extension of your own team.
  • Service Level Agreement provides detailed performance metrics from which it is easy to monitor monthly services , costs and benefits.
  • Maximum flexibility. You can scale up or down on 30 days notice enhancing financial control.
  • Your existing billing department personnel can perform higher value tasks to improve volume and customer satisfaction.

Our service model is based on the following principles:

  • Tailored solutions with each client through collaboration, to strengthen your business process reliability;
  • Ensure highest standard of performance at lower costs;
  • Open lines of communication by assigning staff to your production teams, who are in direct contact with your management and production staff.

The goal is to partner with you and provide a stable and knowledgeable team who deliver service excellence through accuracy and efficiency, as they know your process, customers and payers.