Case Studies

We have worked with physicians and EHR partners to help simplify billing, increase revenue and significantly reduce lost revenue from denials.

Denials Management

Medrona worked with a large non-profit health network with over 300 physicians across 2 hospitals and 80 clinics in the state of New York. The client had a problem of huge denials and unpaid claims, which impacted their revenues. We collaborated with the client in managing their entire revenue cycle management. The Medrona solution

Integrated RCM Services

Medrona served a large EHR company with over 8,000 customers, who were paying over $1000 per year in licensing fees. The EHR company offered software solutions but not integrated RCM services, which was a requirement of their client base. Medrona leveraged this business opportunity and partnered with the EHR company to provide integrated RCM service to their clients. The Medrona solution